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mom jeans

From WikipediaMom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a specific type of fit of jeans, considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer's body shape. This style usually consists of a high waist, making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might. It also tends to have excess space in the zipper/crotch and leg areas.

With the all out nineties revival that is the current status of fashion, it was only a matter of time that confident ladies started rocking the world's most unflattering jeans. I'm talking about Mom Jeans. From the term alone I kind of feel bad for my mom, and for all mothers in the world for that matter, because they just don't dressed as bad as Wikipedia likes to say. I mean, it is true that they are man repelling, but they also have a certain style and attitude coming out of them. And if worn with a pair of sleek heels/ stiletto pumps and an oversized tshirt on top, the repell-ness has gone off the window. So there, maybe moms knew what they were doing when they were sporting these bad boys in the nineties. Or they were simply building their wardrobes for their future kids to steal...

If you don't plan to raid your mother's closet for a brand new-old pair of mom jeans like I did, check out my top picks below and shop away!


Sam said...

If those are mom jeans, I totally want a pair!

Fashion Reactor said...

Love them!!!!


MarĂ­a Blardone said...

Love your look, and I think the mom jeans are amazing, they look good on everyone!
Lots of love, and thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely.