Blue Velvet: in the haze


in the haze

Tshirt, ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M || Blazer, ZARA (also here) || Jeans, CUSTOMIZED BY ME (check these) || Rings, RINGS&TINGS || Heels, SANTESHOES

On dark days, I like to wear my brightest heels and zone out of the moody atmosphere. 

The past week's moody weather gave its place to a very sunny, summer-ish atmosphere, that seems like it has come to settle for good. Before that, when dark skies still paraded on top of us, I managed to slip into an almost-total black ensemble (black is an all-year-long appropriate colour after all) (but yes, I did kind of think it matched the weather) and add my new favorite yellow gladiator sandals to brighten the outfit. Their colour is a bit tricky, but if one doesn't go too far with the colour combinations and keep it casual in the rest of the outfit, no harm can be done. Who's to say that a pair of shoes this brightly coloured is a no-no? I'd say the exact opposite – me, the lover of anything black or white, a girl who doesn't steer clear of her neutrals. 

Tip: If you're looking for the perfect outfit to pair your bright-coloured heels, besided trying the total-black that I did here, you can match them with other neutral colours like beige, cream, or white. If you desperately want to add more colour, have it in small amounts, like a striped skirt or a floral shirt.


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