Blue Velvet: On secondhand shopping: Vestiaire Collective


On secondhand shopping: Vestiaire Collective

vestiaire collective

A pair of Valentino studded sandals, an embroidered Stella McCartney shirt and a pair of Saint Laurent wedges - what do all of these have in common? I bought all of these yesterday.. Yeah right I did. They're all being sold 30-70% lower than their retail prices, secondhand at Vestiaire Collective

The site goes by the idea to buy and sell pre-loved designer fashion, having  a variety from the most coveted vintage items (see: vintage Christian Dior) to currently sold-out everywhere pieces (see: Chanel espadrilles).

In fact ‘Vestiaire’ means ’changing room’ in French – and that’s exactly what the site is all about: a place to chat fashion and shop high quality fashion and luxury labels, all brand new or only worn a handful of times. From Celine bags to Christian Louboutin heels, there's bound to be a fashion gem to catch any girl's eye.

I can't help but love the site myself as well; I got the chance to buy my very first Balenciaga bag from it. I've been dreaming about this bag since the very early days of 2005, when Mary Kate Olsen would go around NYC looking like a homeless person in all her layers of clothing, oversized Dior shades, gigantic bags and big cups of coffee on hand. When I discovered the site, the first thing I searched for was whether it had any of the models that I have been drooling over all these years, and they did! The prices would vary from 30-40% down of their original prices, whereas the options that I had to choose from were endless.

You may think now "Ebay does the very same thing, why would I trust a completely unknown site like Vestiaire, instead of going the more-trusted way?". And here's where the difference between any other secondhand shop and Vestiaire lies: quality and authenticity are guaranteed. All items are vetted by a team of fashion experts to ensure excellent quality (and strictly NO fakes), and get this: they’re sent out from the head office in Paris at no extra cost.  And as we know: one gal’s junk may be another one’s treasure, so this might well be the perfect opportunity to spring clean and update your wardrobe at the same time with chic, simple, investment pieces. 

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