Blue Velvet: pink and camo hues


pink and camo hues

Shorts, SUGARFREE || Mesh pullover, H&M (check it on NastyGal here) || Espadrilles, SCHUTZ || Backpack, SUGARFREE || Bracelet, BALENCIAGA (or here)

How much of a tomboy can a girl be when she wears everything pink and girlish?

Sundays are the epitome of wear-anything-you-like day. One week you'll catch me wearing flares and high heels, the next one you'll find me wearing bright-coloured shorts and camo backpacks. This week was one of the latter, where I found myself exhausted after a week of obligations and errands and I felt like I needed to relax in the comfiest of outfits. I was never the kind of girl that would wear head to toe pink hues, but this combo came so natural that I couldn't resist. Plus, there's this tomboyish camo look on the backpack that sets things straight. After all, if there's one season appropriate for pink, it's during the summer time; brings out tanned skin and those blond hair locks! So who's with me on pink for summer?


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pink black & camu i love this mixing of colours thank for this your inspiration
bye bye