Blue Velvet: dressv ivory wedding dress


dressv ivory wedding dress

What girl hasn’t daydreamed about that special day and the dress she is going to wear then? You know one of the most challenging tasks is to find the right wedding dress - from vintage-styled to cropped to ball gown, the possibilities are endless. It is indeed a pretty tough call to pick between sexy, classic intimidating or elegant.

Not that I am in the rush or anything, but I like to check my options once and again to see all the available options, what's hot right now in terms of design, fit and color.

And what I've concluded to be the one I dig the most right now is an ivory colored wedding dress. It's not the total white that might end up making you look pale, nor any other color that, let's face it, to be worn at a wedding is simply kitsch. For those who are looking to skip the average white dress and look different than any other bride, this is the best color-deal out there.

As I've stated quite a few times in the past, DressV has any dress you can imagine; from prom dresses to simple yet a bit fancy formal dresses, an ivory colored wedding dress could not miss their list. They have a number of options to choose from, varying from mermaid style dresses to ethereal ones with spaghetti straps to even the classic ball gown (strapless of course!).

If you however don’t like the idea of such a dress - and of course happen to get married soon (how exciting!) - there are multiple alternatives that can match your special-day cravings. You can check all the other alternatives that DressV stocks up on here.