Blue Velvet: HOW TO: protect your hair from the sun


HOW TO: protect your hair from the sun

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Sun Protect Hair Therapy

Since infants, we've been taught to always add sun protection to our skins when we are under the sun. Sunshine may be the biggest source of vitamin D and a booster of good mood, but if we don't guard against it, we could get some serious health conditions. It's always been "apply sun cream to your face", "wear a hat to not get a heat stroke", "re-apply sun protection every half hour". Don't get me wrong, I am full on board with protecting ourselves from the sun. But did anyone ever mention how we should also protect our hair from the sun?

Too many obligations, I know. But the sun has almost as damaging effect on your hair as it does to your skin: it fades the hair colour, damages the ends while the UVA and UVB filters destroy the inner cell structure.

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This year, I've decided to guard myself against it. To test the waters before spending a small fortune on hair products (a girl who forgets to get a haircut that is), I got the travel kit from Schwarzkopf Professional, which includes a shampoo, a spray conditioner and a shimmer oil. I am a die hard fan of anything that you can leave on your hair - too much fuss rinsing off the product, I know - and the leave in spray conditioner and the shimmer oil tick both tick this box. They smell divine (is it the MonoĻŠ Oil that smells so good?), they are tiny therefore can be taken anywhere, and work wonders to protect my hair against the sun. 

Tips and tricks I rely on to protect my hair:
+ Dry hair tend to immediately absorb the liquid with which they come into contact. Before entering the pool or the sea, I like to wet my hair with tap water, so that chlorine or salt won't get in the hair. If I feel like giving them maximum protection, I apply the spray conditioner, which works as a "barrier" between my hair and the sea salt.

+ After a day at the beach, I use a product with deep moisturizing treatment to hydrate and refresh them. Once a week I even apply a mask to nourish them from a week's sun exposure.

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