Blue Velvet: the return of the pearls


the return of the pearls

For a long time, pearls have been regarded as an outdated fashion accessory, seen as a little frumpy or that your mother would always wear. However, pearls have gradually begun to return to the runways of high profile fashion houses across the globe. They have consequently seen a new surge in popularity and more and more shops like this are beginning to pop up.

Just this year, Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Resort 2014 Collection displayed strings of pearls dangling from the necks of almost one out of eight of his models.

Though in recent years pearls have been not so à la mode, in reality they have been worn by women – and probably men too – for millennia. The oldest known piece of peal jewelry is that of a Persian princess which dates back to 520BC. She now resides – appropriately – in the Louvre in Paris.

We should celebrate the return of pearls to the world of fashion and common taste. Due to their existence in loads of different shapes, colours and sizes, when made into jewelry, clothing, shoes or accessories, they can make up an assortment of different styles: for winter or summer, haute couture or even something retro. 

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