Blue Velvet: a boy in a slipdress


a boy in a slipdress

Dress, ZARA || Cap, bought in Turkey || Platforms, ZARA (similar here and here) || Bag, BALENCIAGA || Bracelet, BALENCIAGA || Rosary, ASOS

After a small hiatus, guess who's back to her melancholic poses in slipdresses and cutoffs!

Finally got the time to create a new outfit post - I know I am the worst for having been MIA for so long, but you gotta give a girl some time to relax and plan her upcoming move to London. As of September I will be relocating there to do a Master's degree and indulge in that perfect rainy weather that for some reason I find ideal. 

So as I have started packing my warmest coats, I can't help but anticipate the time when I'll be living in oversized sweaters and bulky boots again. This completely contradicts the above photos, but I had always been more of a winter gal anyway. And even when I dress for summer, I always try to add a winter-ish touch, like throwing a sweater over a slipdress or adding chunky boots to high-waisted cut-offs. Here of course I managed to do none of the above, so you see me posing in my favorite slip dress - which I strongly believe is made to be worn only inside the house but I couldn't care less about it. And with that super inappropriate dress, a pair of bulky platforms and the classic hat worn backwards, because who am I to resist that?


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