Blue Velvet: fade out


fade out

Blazer, VINTAGE || Tshirt, COS (also check here, here, or here) || Trousers, ZARA || Necklace, ZARA (check this one by Topshop) || Boots, TOPSHOP || Bag, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Easing into fall one way or the other - September is officially here!

Transisting into fall with delicate sheer blazers with super oversized shoulder pads that raise the question; remove or not? I'm in the in between mode where I currently hate their annoying right-angleish look and fattening feel, while I'm positive I'll be loving them as soon as they get back in fashion a few years from now. The task is very easy though; grab a pair of scissors, remove them, period. Easy as that.

PS: I've had these boots since almost three years ago, and I can still walk miles in them - it's one of those designs that Topshop keeps bringing back again and again with different price tags each time. Talk about an investment piece that didn't cause a fortune!


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