Blue Velvet: monochromatic tones


monochromatic tones


So here I am trying to adjust to this new lifestyle, settle in my new place and make sure that my wardrobe is warm enough to keep me cozy the following months.. And if it's not, then what will stop me from shopping a bit more? Below you can see my top picks from Choies, which all match my eternal love for black and white. Especially the fur that combines both colours; it's the perfect staple piece for winter - I know I am definitely getting it. What about you?

PS: I know it still is super hot in Greece, so there's a new outfit post coming up right after this, which was of course shot back there. I have already transitioned to skinny jeans paired with boots and pullovers here, and I will make sure to keep you posted on all of them!

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Yohanna Sof said...

Have fun adjusting in London- a city I am sure I could get used to...;) Loooove the Heisenberg T - shirt!!
y ❤️