Blue Velvet: summer's last one


summer's last one

Trousers, SUGARFREE (check this gorgeous pair of lace ones here) || Top, ZARA || Platforms, ZARA (here) || Bag, CHANEL

Bidding summer farewell in the most perfect pair of trousers - can you imagine these are actually see-through so that they can be worn only at the beach?!

On my last summer post coming directly from Greece I chose to showcase my absolute favorite trousers that I wore almost every other night all summer long. And we're talking the most unpredictable pair of trousers out there.. Wait, what? Yes, if you thought these were your average summer pair of flares, think again. They are, in fact, beach trousers - aka trousers to wear over your bathing suit in the afterhours of the beach. They are see-through from top to bottom - even your swimsuit shows from beneath. But yours truly over here decided to wear them as everyday trousers; I wore a pair of black shorts beneath them, so that nothing shows, et voila; my new pair of day-to-night summer trousers is here!

And this is exactly what I love the most about fashion: playing around with clothing, wearing favorite pieces over and over again in multiple ways and making combinations that didn't seem possible before. You'll realize you have way more clothes than you initially thought, and everyone will be jealous of how you can master one single item to be worn day to night.

For the time being, I have to look back to these summer posts and enjoy my up-and-coming winter days. This pair of trousers will stay in the back of the closet for a while before I can wear it again.. Maybe next time I visit Greece I guess?


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