Blue Velvet: flat boots all the way


flat boots all the way

Boots, H&M  (also these and these by Asos) || Skirt, ZARA (here) || Shirt, H&M  (also here and here)

This season's most perfect boots make my feet happy, one step at a time.

I've always been more of a heels girl, wearing any type of shoe that would add even a few extra inches to my height all day and night. It's not that I have issues with my height; of course I am not the tallest of girls, but I don't think there is any other type of shoe that flatters the entire body as much as those extra inches will. Sneakers, loafers, slipons - nothing will ever look that good.

And yes, that was until I tried on this pair of flat boot. I didn't expect to like them at all, but turns out, they look so incredibly cool worn with anything - from tights and oversized sweaters or shift dresses, to bare legs and a skirt like I did here, that I can clearly not say no to them. 

In case you're wondering, I am wearing a pyjama shirt on top - was looking for the perfect blue shirt and somehow ended up in the lingerie section at H&M, where I stumbled upon a pyjama set, and got super excited because, well, I can wear it both when I go out and when I go to bed! I mean not really, I'm only gonna wear it outside, but I love it either way.


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