Blue Velvet: sneakers and silk scarves


sneakers and silk scarves

Tux blazer, ZARA (similar here) || Top, LnA || Trousers, TOPSHOP || Sneakers, NIKE || Scarf, SUGURU || Bag, CHANEL (in beige here)

Started seeing life in a different perspective after allowing myself to go out in sneakers. 

So I finally stepped on the sneakers bandwagon trend, after years of resisting it. And I obviously didn't wanna go too far with it, so I decided that a pair of all-white kicks would be the perfect start (and the closest alternative to my all time favorites Stan Smiths), as it would match anything in my wardrobe, and it would look killer with skinny jeans and a longline coat. For one of my first walks around town, I chose to wear them with another treasured find: my new scarf by Suguru, a brand I recently discovered which makes the silkiest and most beautiful scarves I've seen in a while. I was always neutral when it came to styling a scarf around your neck, but now that I've got my hands on this beautiful baby I do not plan to quit any time soon.   

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StyleFax said...

krima pou den sunanthhthhkame :(
na pernas teleia.