Blue Velvet: blanket scarf


blanket scarf

Blanket scarf, ZARA  (see this one by ASOS) || Trousers, TOPSHOP || Boxy knit, MANGO || Ear cuff, ASOS || Booties, SANTE SHOES

My everyday go-to outfit - and a homeless person's too (see: blanket scarf that resembles old armchairs) -  just got upgraded with a pair of booties. 

Blanket scarves have been so fashionable this season and I couldn't be more excited, as I always enjoy finding new ways to look like a homeless-yet-chic person. You know, trying to channel the Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2005 period.. Didn't we all enjoy that era? 

Being in serious need to upgrade the look a bit though, I wore it with heels instead of my usual sneakers. And yes, black skinny trousers with black booties look so good together! They elongate the legs as you have never seen before and they look amazing paired with anything. The ones that I'm sporting from Sante Shoes are my latest acquisition, after realizing that I do not own a simple pair of black booties. I wasn't looking for anything extravagant, but something to match all of my outfits, either that be skinnies, boyfriend jeans or mini dresses, and would not leave me bankrupt. Bingo!


Anonymous said...

Ελενα το ear cuff απο που ειναι;

Elena Kaplani said...

Από ASOS αλλά απ'ότι βλέπω έχει εξαντληθεί, οπότε μπορείς να δοκιμάσεις κάποιο από τα άλλα που πουλάνε (μπορείς να δεις όλα όσα προτείνω σαν εναλλακτική στο Shop the Look στο τέλος του post!