Blue Velvet: choking on the 90's trends


choking on the 90's trends

ACDC tee, PRIMARK (check this from TOPSHOP) || Duster coat, H&M CONSCIOUS (see by ASOS here) || Bag, CHANEL (in white and in gray)  || Tattoo choker necklace, TOPSHOP || Infinity necklace, ONECKLACE

If you thought ’90s clothing were haunting you (see crop tops, overalls, slipdresses, ripped jeans), get ready because the decade’s accessories are coming for you, too. Namely, chokers. 

Those of us that grew up in the 90's definitely know what I'm talking about. "Oh my God, how did you remember this old thing?","Wait, are they supposed to be fashionable again now?", where some of the most common things I got told, when my friends saw me wearing this choker necklace. Yes, the 90's trend are making a huge comeback, and this little necklace was the cherry on top to prove that. I used to love them back then, and I'm loving them right now as well - and no, I haven't bought them in all available colours (or maybe I have..) Because I love everything about this era, so I couldn't not love them.

HOW TO WEAR A TATTOO CHOKER NECKLACE: My ideal look would be with a simple or a baseball tee, and worn along with one or two other necklaces, to create the perfect layering. This look needs to be relaxed and chilled, so don't stress too much about it; wear whatever crosses your mind without giving it a second thought!

What do you think? Would you give this trend a try or not?



StyleFax said...

maresei pou einai roz kai oxi to klassiko mauro. (an kai nomizw to exeis hdh kai se mauro, e? :P ). Ta forousa tote alla panta me epnigan :p
Sou paei polu omws ;)


Elena said...

Hahaha, ennoeitai to exo kai se mavro! Kai mena me epnige stin arxi, alla meta apo ligo panta xalaronei. Dokimase ta paliii!!!