Blue Velvet: Rebson launch party


Rebson launch party

Dropping by the Rebson pop-up store for the launch party of the collection - do they have some good clothing lying around or what. 

So Thursday was one of of my the most hectic days, as I had to juggle a university presentation, two fashion events and my boyfriend's birthday celebration all in one afternoon. I can't say I didn't love it though, I would have hated it if it were any other way.. Although I wouldn't mind having eaten less candy and cake on that day. Here's part I of all of it - the Rebson launch party. Dena tagged me along to the opening of a new pop-up store right next to Bond street, who is selling Scandinavian-inspired clothing in clean lines and cool colours. The collection features about 10 pieces, varying from crop tops to pencil skirts to mini dresses, all in the most luxurious fabrics and in very affordable prices. Picking our a favorite is the hardest thing, but I'd have to say probably the pink strapless mini dress - I feel like I'm going to look like a human-size candy in it! Imagine that with black strappy heels and a black oversized blazer.. Sick, right?

You can find the collection at their pop-up store on 36 South Molton Street, London, W1K5RH, which will be open until November 16th, an after that online at!

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