Blue Velvet: RewardStyle x Molton Brown


RewardStyle x Molton Brown

An afternoon spent roaming around the Molton Brown store and trying to pick between their divine smells is an afternoon well-spent.

Thursday part II featured one of my favorites thus far: RewardStyle hosted an event at Molton Brown, my favorite brand when it comes to anything body and bath related. If you're not familiar with the brand, they've been working on perfumes, shower gels, body lotions, candles and hand care products, that blend exotic ingredients to bold and extravagant fragrances. We were lucky enough to go around the entire store, play around with the products and pick our favorites, all the while drinking champagne and stuffing our faces with macarons. Molton Brown has launched for the first time this year a collection of gift sets, that features all of the company's best sellers in beautiful packaging. So how could I say now? I got myself an awful lot of those gift sets to give to my beloved ones as Christmas gifts - but yes, I will keep the best ones for myself!

Stay tuned to see what I got in the next post, but in the meanwhile, you can check my top picks and suggestions below!

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