Blue Velvet: leopard on dark outfits


leopard on dark outfits

Sweater, BRANDY MELVILLE (here or here) || Trousers, ZARA (here) || Bag, BALENCIAGA || Heels, SANTE SHOES

Bringing a lot of uniqueness in a boring outfit with just a bit of leopard. This must be the magic of Christmas, no?

My favorite basics just got revamped: no more wearing head-to-toe all black boring outfits (disclaimer #1: total black will never be boring) (disclaimer #2: the knit I am wearing is blue, not black). But still.. Leopard strikes again, this time in the form of lace up heels, and is the perfect last-minute addition to my look. Discreet if needed, it also has the lace up detailing that always drives me crazy (I've got quite a few other pairs of lace up heels - a pair of snakeskin ones worn here and a more recent yellow version that I also got from Sante Shoes and is my favorite summer shoe).

I think the final result looks pretty good, no? As I always say, the trick is to not go too far with this print: when wearing leopard, opt for a monochromatic outfit, so that you don't mess things up. Alternatively, stick to dark hues like blue or dark gray, so there's no oversaturation from the many different colours.


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