Blue Velvet: mixing the old with the new


mixing the old with the new

Top, IRO PARIS (also available in grey) || Leather skirt, ZARA (on sale here) || Leather jacket, ZARA  (similar) || Socks, OYSHO || Sneakers, NIKE AF1

Visiting the grandmother's house usually means tons of food, lots of laughter over old photographs and the occasional photoshooting for your personal blog. Normal, every day stuff. 

So I'm back in Greece for the Christmas holidays and I couldn't be more excited to see all these familiar faces that I've so missed. Two days ago I visited my beloved grandmother, who lives in this old apartment downtown, decorated with lots of vintage wooden furniture, flowery wallpapers and huge family portraits from the 1960's. I must have a thing for the place, as every time I visit I always end up shooting for my blog one way or another in there, so I figured 'why not take a photo or two while at it again'. 

This time it was a bit more difficult though, as I feel like I haven't brought any clothes from London back with me. The eternal girl complaint 'a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear' issue is true, I tell you that. And what do you do in such cases? There is a series of reactions that follow one after the other: panic/ decide that you're not ever leaving the house again/ head to your sister's and/ or mother's closet and look for something to borrow/ decide this is not working either and head back to your own misery/ finally see the bigger picture: wear some of your old clothes! Yes, I did leave behind some clothes that I had stopped wearing, and now that I feel like I've got nothing to wear it's the perfect opportunity to mix those with some newer pieces. Fashion has become so fast nowadays that clothing come and go out of fashion in the blink of an eye, leaving us always crave for the newest and coolest piece of clothing that the girl next to us has. But where did all the fun go? Dressing up is supposed to be an adventure; mixing the old with the new, discovering new combinations and embracing the items you've loved most through the years.

So this is what I did here. I threw on one of my newest IRO ripped tees, and I paired it with a very old leather skirt that I had forgotten its existence, et voilĂ ! I felt like myself again, comfortable in my own skin and happy to be embracing pieces that I once loved. (And also happy to not have spent more money on clothes that I would only wear once. But let's leave it to that for now).


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