Blue Velvet: Net-A-Porter sale


Net-A-Porter sale

Click on each photo above to shop all the products, or click here to visit the entire sale with free express delivery and free returns.

Because this is the time of the year to pamper yourself and finally get those pieces you've been eyeing all season for 50% off.

TIPS on how to get the best bargains when shopping online:
+ Always check the sizes and measures of products. There are items that may have a slightly different fit than others, so make sure to check the item's descriptions and comments (when they exist), so that you avoid sending it back.

+ There's always a risk when holding back to get a better discount. If you wait long enough before making a purchase, the item may be out of stock. If you shop it immediately, you may miss a better price that may come afterwards. If the online shop offers a price alert, make sure to use it, so that you watch the items closely before they sell out!

+ Besides Net-A-Porter, there are a million other online shops that also host sales, starting on Boxing Day, December 26. Remember to check if each store allows you to use discount codes and offer free delivery; there is a number of sites such as, and that always have a variety of coupons (ASOS is their favorite online shop when it comes to discounts - make sure to use their coupons before shopping!)

+ Reclaim costs if the delivery fails to be on time. Net-A-Porter is using fast courier services to deliver its products, however sometimes even the fastest services can get held up. If that is the case, always ask for your rights. This is something that has happened to me with them in the past, and they immediately refunded me with the shipping costs when I complained about it.

+ Buy out-of-season.  The golden rule of supply and demand: if demand dips, prices fall to attract buyers. If demand is high, the power is in the hands of the e-tailer. Translation: during the Christmas sales, summer pieces will be charged a little extra, whereas coats, knits and boots will be high on sale. This is the right time to shop for classic pieces, like a good crisp white shirt, a classic turtleneck or a warm coat, as you will get it cheaper and use it forever.

Happy shopping!

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