Blue Velvet: popsicle



Leather jacket, Marks&Spencer (here) || Tee, PRIMARK (Forever21 here)|| Jeans, ZARA (here and here) || Heels, SANTE SHOES || Popsicle stole, PRIMARK (see from ASOS here and the exact same one here) || Sunglasses, RAYBAN

The perfect winter overlay in the form of a candy pink popsicle.

Throwing a faux fur stole over a leather jacket is my latest addiction - whenever weather permits it, I choose to skip the chunky knits & long coats/ faux fur combo and opt for something lighter instead. Charlotte Simone is the master of popsicle fur stoles of course, making the sickest pieces in the craziest designs and colours, but I would never go for the real deal and wear a dead animal. Yes, Primark had me this time, by surprising me with a variety of faux fur stoles, switching between stripes or bold colours - like the baby pink piece that I went for. 
Bootcut jeans will always be the winner in such cases; if I take it too far on the upper half of the body, I try to keep it normal on the bottom half. It works, no?


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