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on transforming lives

A post different than the others, including a visit in a cosmetic surgery clinic and indulging in my first ever cupcakes in the shape of boobies - say what!

Some weeks ago I was invited to TRANSFORM cosmetic surgery clinic for their first ever blogger event. As I am not familiar with cosmetic surgeries, I decided to visit the clinic, in order to learn more about what happens behind their closed doors, and get introduced to all the procedures that everyone seems to be talking about these days.

The TRANSFORM team welcomed us in their beautiful offices in a room full of cupcakes shaped like boobies (which were too beautiful to be eaten!), canapes and drinks, introduced us to their experienced doctors and personnel, and then gave us the chance to see three different procedures from up close: botox, lip filling, and ultherapy. By witnessing the procedures first hand, we realized none of them are as painful as expected, considering the fact that needles are going through your skin. From what were told, one experiences only tiny pinches during the process, whereas the swollen sensation passes after a maximum of one week (in the case of the lip filling). In regards to the botox, prices start at £199, whereas the lip enhancement costs about £180.

The above apply to both the botox and the lip filling therapies, whereas the ultherapy uses an entirely different technique: ultrasound technology applies, in order to create a non-surgical skin lift, by stimulating the deep structural layers of the skin. This therapy mainly targets women over 40, whereas the previous two can be used by anyone wanting to make a change after their 20s. In this case, prices start at £450.

If you're interested to know more about the procedures or book an appointment for free consultation, you can check TRANSFORM's website to learn more. 

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