Blue Velvet: pinstripe jacket


pinstripe jacket

Coat, ROMWE (or check out a similar one here) || Turtleneck top, COS (similar here) || Leather trousers, ZARA || Earring, BAUBLE BAR || Booties, SANTE

 A stripe or two that can make an outfit go a long way - I love the minimalistic feel on my overall simple outfit!

This is the result when borrowing clothes from your flatmate's closet, who happens to be much taller than you - a pair of skinny leather trousers turns into baggy flared 'joggers' type. Didn't mind this alternative though; I paired it with my new favorite pinstripe jacket from ROMWE, which may took a while to arrive in the UK (I remember taking much less time to arrive in Greece) but the store currently has 50% off so it's so worth it. 

To upgrade the outfit, I added a pair of booties which have that pointy-toe and stiletto heel that I always look for in a shoe. You probably have the shoes imprinted in your memory by now; I've worn them quite a lot the past months (here with my blanker scarf and here in one of my all-time favorite outfits) You can tell that I kinda love these shoes, no?


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