Blue Velvet: postcards from amsterdam


postcards from amsterdam

Pretty canals and symmetrical town houses, delicious waffles, vlaamse frites and the likes of Amsterdam. Wish I could go back there!

Amsterdam brings an A-game in almost everything; a happy place for my chrome filters with its picturesque canals and town houses, the neon signs in Red Light District, the waffles and pancakes that would make even the most pretentious food blogger drool. The city is so full of life, offering a million different things to do, while the life doesn't stop at 12am sharp - as it does in most of London. Of course I also played tourist in the I amsterdam's chunky letters, got lost while trying to ride my bicycle properly, and wondered for what seemed like forever why most of the houses have hooks on their roofs. And yes, I'll definitely travel back there sooner or later!

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