Blue Velvet: the old and the new


the old and the new

Long cardigan, ROMWE || Boots, ZARA (see also here) || Slip dress, ZARA (see also here) || Sunglasses, NYX London || Earrings, RIVER ISLAND

Talking new wardrobe favorites and old treasured items on today's outfit post. 

I believe this outfit post should be divided into two: my new wardrobe favorites that are here to stay and those wardrobe staples that have been overexposed on the blog. On the former part, I refer to this long boho cardigan that reminds me of the dominating 70s trend which is literally everywhere this season (and I think is here to stay for long). And you guessed it right, the wardrobe staples that I am talking about are the combat boots and the black slip dress. Excuse their repetition, but I honestly can't help pairing them with almost every piece that I own. But if you come to think about it, isn't this what fashion is all about? Finding pieces to covet and treasure until you've worn them so many times that you have to replace them. And this is exactly what I do: I adjust them to every trend that I choose to follow.

What about you? Do you have any pieces that you can't live without and always come back to no matter how many new purchases you may have made?



gina said...

Lovely look, love all the pieces including the frame of the glasses...

Μαρίτα Αναγνώστου said...

Υπέροχο το look σου! μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ γιατί είναι απλό αλλά ιδιαίτερο!! οι πλεκτές γυναικείες ζακέτες μου αρέσουν παρα πολύ!τις φοράς και κάνουν ακόμη και το απλά μαύρο φόρεμα να δείχνει διαφορετικό! εγώ αγόρασα πριν λίγες μέρες από τα Factory Outlet μια ζακέτα σε ένα υπέροχο μπορντώ χρώμα, λίγο πιο κοντή από τη δικιά σου και την έχω καταβολευτεί! τη φοράω και με φορέματα και με τζιν, είναι τέλεια!