Blue Velvet: blue velvet


blue velvet

Shorts, TOPSHOP || Blazer, TOPSHOP || Top, COS || Boots, ZARA (similar here)

The outfit that matches my blog's name better than anything else I've ever worn. Oh, and it so happens to be the softest garment I've ever worn.. Yes I am talking about this insanely good-looking blue velvet suit.

Blue velvet and lace detailing done right by none other than Topshop - when you gift me with such a beautiful and unique suit, you know you've gone straight to my heart. And I know I will not be wearing it only as a suit: next on my outfit list will be the blazer paired with casual boyfriend jeans and a white tee. Sounds prefect to me, no?



StyleFax said...

definately made for you!!!!

xx Maria

Anonymous said...

great outfit!

City Style