Blue Velvet: 3 trends you wouldn't expect wearing again and again


3 trends you wouldn't expect wearing again and again

I'm pretty sure that when you see a sequin skirt, you don't go straight into thinking how good of a wardrobe staple that is, right? What about a leather motorcycle vest, or a pair of pinstripe trousers? Even if you don't see it coming, these three pieces can be worn in so many different ways, it would be a pity not investing in them.

Click below to find out how easily they can be styled!

1. Sequins

You probably expect sequin to be only appropriate during Christmas; I beg you to differ. I have invested in not only a sequin dress, but also a sequin skirt that I made on my own from scratch (okay, grandma helped) (okay, she did everything on her own, but STILL).

Side note: I'm pretty sure most of you already own a pair of sequin shorts, which is pretty awesome and cool and all, but can look very casual paired with a gigantic tee, so don't stick to that only. There are so many options to play with when it comes to sequin - designs, colors, you name it! And it's appropriate year-round; pair it with a graphic tee and sneakers for running around and with a silk camisole and pumps for an evening event.

See how I styled the sequin skirt and the sequin dress.

2. The pinstripe trousers

I always wanted to have a pair of pinstripe trousers. So when I discovered one that seemed ideal for all the right choices - baggy, wide-legged and would not get me bankrupt - I of course purchased it right away. Yet when one tries it on for the first time, it may seem a bit tricky to wear. My first attempt was to go for a smart-casual look, by pairing it with platforms and a basic tee; it was okay, but nothing too exciting. I was a bit disappointed so I stashed it on the depths of my closet.

It was only after winter time had arrived that I realized its potential (can we even say potential over a pair of trousers?!). I paired it with combat boots and a baggy sweater et-voila! Amazeness had happened.

And yes, I'm obsessed ever since - I didn't expect it to be daytime-appropriate, yet with casual tees or knits, magic can happen.

See this post on how I styled the pinstripe trousers.

3. The leather motorcycle vest

The motorcycle leather vest has got to be my favorite layering piece. It looks just as cool layered over a dress for summer as it does worn with a button-down shirt underneath and coat on top for fall. But my absolute favorite is with shorts and basic tees underneath; easy, and so, so cool.

See this post or this post on how I styled the leather motorcycle vest. 

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