Blue Velvet: this week's outfits on instagram


this week's outfits on instagram

Introducing this new category on the blog - we're bringing in all the scoop and details from my Instagram feed to the blog. Scroll down for more!

Coat, ROMWE || Bag, BALENCIAGA || Lace-up combat boots, ZARA

Choker, TOPSHOP || 'Luck' charm necklace, LI-LA-LO

Hat, TOPSHOP || Top, ZARA || Leather biker jacket, ZARA

Wrap-around scarf, ZARA MEN

I know you'll probably not going to see many photos of my outfits of the day; I have a tendency to post more #food photos instead of selfies and the likes the past months, and this is also why I'm slowly but steadily turning into a big, fat, happy kiddo! This is an entirely different subject that we'll discuss in the a different post though - for now, you can check all of my outfits with their relevant shoppable links above!

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