Blue Velvet: spring cleaning


spring cleaning

Skirt, ZARA (in black) || Crop turtleneck, H&M (similar here) || Sneakers, NIKE AF1 || Earrings, bought at a random store (here)

This is what happens when you store old outfit posts on your archives for way too long. Either way, enjoy!

While I may currently be in Athens, taking a week off and refueling my sun reserves, this outfit post travels one month back to cloudy London, when going bare-legged was more than a challenge. I did dare it though, and managed to juxtapose it with a warm and fuzzy crop top that is perfect for these cases. And, as contradictory as this combination may be, I paired my pencil skirt with all-white sneakers and gave a fresh look to it. Thoughts? 



Maria Michael said...

Love your look:)

fannybrides said...

Love your white shoes!

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Anonymous said...

i love this look so much , esspecially the skirt <3 <3